Hendricks BBQ Brings Live Music, Moonshine and Comfort Food To St. Charles

By Tamara Duncan

August 29, 2012
 The 600-seat restaurant is located on South Main Street in the old waterworks building.

Hendricks BBQ was set to open on South Main Street in St. Charles in May 2011 when a 16-inch water main burst and flooded the building—ironically, the former St. Charles Waterworks building.

Owners Ami Hendricks-Grimes and Gurpreet Padda began all over again—cleaning, restoring and refurnishing the 600-seat restaurant and bar.

The blues-themed barbecue restaurant will open Thursday on South Main Street and features a menu straight from a neighborhood backyard barbecue, complete with barbecued beef, pork, sausage and ribs, and the comfort foods we all grew up with and cherish: deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, potato salad and macaroni and cheese.

The difference? “We went all around the country, trying different recipes. And we made sure ours were better,” Padda said.

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