Sanctuaria kicks off Triple Crown Series Throw Down





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Saint Louis, MO (April 16, 2015) – This May, Matt Seiter and Matt Obermark, in conjunction with Sanctuaria and Beam-Suntory, will be bringing the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing to new heights with the Triple Crown Series Throw Down! The Matt’s are producing a three-day event to commemorate the running of all three Triple Crown Horse Races – Kentucky Derby on May 2nd, Preakness Stakes on May 16th and the Belmont Stakes on June 6th. Each day will feature the respective races’ signature drinks made with Beam-Suntory products, a unique food menu created by In Good Company Executive Chef, Wil Pelly and have several spectacles throughout the day.

Following the model of the Triple Crown (a horse that wins all three races), the Triple Crown Series will feature three drinks that will be available at all races in three different formats – the Mint Julep made to order, El Diablo in bottled cocktail format and the Triple Crown Punch in cocktail on tap format. Each race will feature their respective signature cocktails starting with the Mint Julep for the Derby, the Black-Eyed Susan for the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Jewel for the Belmont Stakes. Other drinks will be included on the featured menu as well (see attached menus for each race).

The small food menus for each race will also encompass the atmosphere of the event’s locations and history.

Each race will have a contest, keeping with the feel of the race at hand. A breakdown of the contests on each race day is as follows:

–       Kentucky Derby = Best Hat Contest. Attendees will sign-up for participation in the contest no later than 4:30pm. Three judges will evaluate the entrees and deem a winner based on originality of hat, how it encompasses the atmosphere of the Derby and how well it matches the sequence worn by the attendee. There will be one prize for women and one prize for men.

–       Preakness Stakes = Dress Your Bet. Attendees will sign-up for participation in the contest no later than 4:30pm. The only stipulation of the contest is to wear the colors of the jockey you think will win the race. Upon sign-up, participants must declare which jockey’s colors they are representing. Upon the conclusion of the Preakness, the participants who declared they are wearing the colors of the winning jockey will each win one prize.

 –       Belmont Stakes = Best Infield Outfit. Attendees will sign-up for the contest no later than 4:30pm. Three judges will evaluate the entrees and deem a winner based on originality of the outfit and how well it encompasses the atmosphere of the Belmont. The Belmont is notorious for being the most “rowdy” of the three races, particularly in the Infield (the section of the grounds enclosed by the race track). This area of all three races are the “cheap seats” and most conducive to debaucherous activity. This contest is being conducted with that atmosphere in mind.

Other spectacles featured at each event include the card game “horse races” every half hour until the main race starts. Tickets for “bets” will cost $1 and all proceeds from this game will go to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. There will also be tasting booths of Beam-Suntory products.

As in the past, there is no admission fee for any of the events. The bar will open at 3pm and the featured drinks and food will be available throughout the event, ending at the conclusion of the actual race. Normal bar service to commence after.

About Sanctuaria

Sanctuaria offers exclusive menu selections with a modern twist paired with fresh, handcrafted cocktails that are made-to-order. Recently dubbed as the “sanctuary in the city”, the space is warm and inviting with an alluring appeal. The tapas and cocktail menus incorporate the freshest locally produced ingredients possible with new and innovative ideas.


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