The night the lights went out at Sanctuaria

Saint Louis, MO (March 2, 2011) – Sanctuaria, recently voted one of Saint Louis’ TOP 10 BEST NEW RESTAURANTS, hosted its first ever “Cocktails by Candlelight” this past Monday.  With the lights turned out and the candles on, the sold out event was a huge success.  A punch bowl full of St. Valentine’s Resurrection (gin, wine, orange juice, cassis, and tonic), crock pots full of Cuban beef stew and white bean chicken chili plus all you can drink cocktails from the evenings featured menu – what better way can you think of to spend your Monday evening? A portion of the evenings proceeds where donated to the Urban Studio Café – a non-profit cafe with a mission to foster a sense of strong community, creativity, knowledge and enrichment.


Cocktails by Candlelight is a private event for members of Sanctuaria’s Exclusive Cocktail Club, as well as members of the United States Bartenders’ Guild and honored guests. The mission behind Cocktails by Candlight is to further the cocktail culture in Saint Louis by getting the members of the Cocktail Club aquainted with the USBG members – allowing them to expand and indulge their knowledge of cocktails and spirits.


Inspiration for this fabulous event came from the “Great Blackout on the Eve of 2011”.  On New Year’s Eve, the power went out at Sanctuaria.  With 300 candles as the only source of light, Sanctuaria’s guests were delighted with the romantic ambiance. The feedback was amazing so they decided to recreate that evening all year long.  The last Monday of every month, Sanctuaria will host a Cocktails by Candlelight event. Each event will have a “theme” – music and the evening’s dress code will be based upon the chosen theme. With a nominal entry fee, each  guest will receive unlimited service from our serve yourself crock-pot full of goodness, a punch bowl full of Matt and Joel’s concoction of choice and unlimited drinks from the evening’s cocktail menu that will feature 5 original creations for each event. A portion of the proceeds from every event will go to a local charity of choice. For upcoming Cocktails by Candlelight events, Sanctuaria will be highlighting a local chef by inviting them to donate the contents of the Crock Pot in return for great drinks and good company.


For additional information, contact Alison Hankins, Chief Marketing Officer, at or by phone at (314) 535-9700.


About Sanctuaria

Sanctuaria, owned by Ami Grimes and Gurpreet Padda, offer exclusive menu selections with a modern twist paired with fresh, handcrafted cocktails that are made-to-order. Recently dubbed as the “sanctuary in the city”, the space is warm and inviting with an alluring appeal.  The tapas and cocktail menus incorporate the freshest, most locally produced ingredients possible with new and innovative ideas.


About Sanctuaria’s Cocktail Club

The concept of the Cocktail Club and Menu is an innovative way of building community and education, while allowing our guests to have a nostalgic, shared experience. For a one-time entry fee of $20.00, each member receives their first cocktail free, discounts on retail items and events held at Sanctuaria. All cocktails from the Club Menu are $8.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members. Members also receive a tracking card, a notebook for tasting notes, and their names are entered into a monthly drawing for prizes. Once a member has enjoyed all 150 cocktails, they receive larger discounts on retail and events.


4198 Manchester Avenue

Saint Louis, MO 63110

(314) 535-9700