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The Phantom of The Grove!


Saint Louis, MO (October 20, 2015) – This past April, something mysterious happened at the intersection of Manchester and Boyle in The Grove – a car ran into the side of Sanctuaria and the driver says it was all the fault of a phantom!

Details from the police report: “Driver #1 stated that …a vehicle turned into her lane of travel… [and] in an attempt to avoid striking the other vehicle she turned her vehicle to the right but lost control …she further stated that her vehicle struck the building on the southeast corner at this location.”

Luckily, the driver of the car was insured by Allstate, so local treasure Sanctuaria will be repaired through the insurance coverage! Right? Well… no. Not so lucky.

As “luck” would have it, Allstate’s adept agents have determined that, “Our investigation reveals that a phantom vehicle is solely responsible for this accident”, and furthermore, “As a result we will not be able to make any payment for the following reasons: the liability rests with the left turning phantom vehicle that took our insured’s right-of-way.”

What can a little investigation of the police report tell us? It was a clear, dry, day when Driver #1 headed eastbound on an asphalt paved, straight, level road and ended up off-roadway in a collision with a fixed object. The police took no evidentiary photos, and there was no reconstruction of the accident, but it was reported that no commercial vehicles were involved in the crash.

After Allstate’s initial denial of the claim for damages in April, adjuster on call Nicole Walling “reopened” the claim upon being contacted by a representative for Sanctuaria. But it was only to be denied again in August.

Once more, legal counsel spoke with an adjuster, Aaron Johnson, who said he would investigate the matter. A month later, Aaron called back to let Sanctuaria know that Allstate was standing on their original position regarding the matter.

According to Allstate, a phantom vehicle is the culprit!

“The argument presented by Allstate regarding an unknown, phantom third party being at fault has absolutely no bearing on Sanctuaria’s right and ability to recover damages”, said attorney Harjot S. Padda, of Padda, Benner & Benner LLC, representing Sanctuaria in their claim, “The driver who hit Sanctuaria absolutely has the right, and frankly the burden, to locate, identify and hold responsible the third party who allegedly caused her to swerve, but our client has the absolute right to pursue action against the driver in the interim.”

Padda noted that Allstate adjuster Taisuke Omi, the signator on the rejection letters sent by Allstate, never responded directly to his inquiries requesting the full details of their “investigation”.

Sanctuaria has planned their own response aimed at raising funds to repair the beautiful brick architecture of their historical home.

Their Halloween Party of the Dead on Oct. 31st will feature
“Phantom Drink Specials”:

Allstate Smash

Sherry, Fortified Wine, Citrus, Sugar

No One’s Fault

4 Roses Bourbon, Big O Ginger Liqueur, Sugar, Bitters

Insurance Adjuster Folly

Sherry, Fortified Wine, Citrus, Sugar

Hit the Wall

4 Roses Bourbon, Big O Ginger Liqueur, Sugar, Bitters

The Phantom Menace

Mezcal, Tequila, Punt e Mes, Orange Bitters, Tea Smoke

Crash Test Mummie

Calvados, Plantation Dark, Brown Sugar, Lime Juice

Recanter Collins

Gin, Green Chartreuse, Lemon, Sugar, CO2

The next day, on November 1st, they will host a Phantom Story Contest on Dia de Los Muertos!

“Residents who may have seen the phantom haunting the streets of The Grove are encouraged to come and share their spooky stories November 1st, over cocktails by Jack-o-Lantern light”, said manager Daniel Parker, “the electric lights will be off, with only jack-o-lanterns and candles providing us a spooky atmosphere for story telling.”

In honor of the time of the accident (1:42pm),
the best Phantom-themed creative short reading will be awarded $342.00!

Stories will be read starting at 7:42 p.m. and contest entrants are encouraged to arrive by 7p.m. to register for their place to read. Doors will open at 5p.m., as usual.

For those looking to party on Halloween night, Party of the Dead will also feature a live DJ spinning fresh tunes outside in the expansive outdoor patio and garden space.

It will be the perfect spooky setting for a Halloween party, including cheap drink specials for guests with a Monster Bash wristband!

Below are some photos of how we suspect the driver of the phantom car may appear according to the description given by Allstate.

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