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Cinco de Mayo!


MAY 5, 2015!

• LIVE DJ from 6pm-10pm

• The Infamous Chicken Drop!

What the heck is a Chicken Drop?

The Chicken Drop is a fun event where people buy numbers on a board to see if a chicken in a ring poops on it.  If the chicken poops on your number…you win!
The stage for the Chicken Drop is an enclosed grid marked with numbers.  Tickets are sold for each square and then the Drop begins!
One person is chosen to toss the chicken in, but first they must move it in a circle three times, raise its tail feathers and blow in its butt for good luck.  The chicken is tossed on the stage and that is when the crowd takes over.
The crowd, numbers in hand, cheers on the chicken, encouraging it to move nearer their square.  You can buy bags of chicken feed to sprinkle on your square, to entice the chicken to you, and encourage a “movement”.  If the chicken poops on your square, you win!

• Games and Giveaways

• $1 Tacos all day

• Drink Specials Available All Day:

$3 Margaritas

$2 “Billy Bombs”

$3 Mexican bottled beer

$2.50 Domestic bottled beer

$4 Drafts

“Come to Diablitos for a Cinco de Mayo like no other!” – The Chicken

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