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America’s 80 Best Bourbon Bars Announced!

If you’ve recently awaken from a 20 year coma, then the popularity of Bourbon amongst bar-goers is something you’d probably be surprised about.  For the rest of us, it’s no secret that bartenders have been shifting their customer’s drinking interest from vodka to Bourbon for a while which is one of the driving catalyst in the recent Bourbon boom.

There are several really good Bourbon bars out there these days.  But we feel there are 80 bars in America who take their Bourbon obsession to another level with a combination of their selection, cocktail offerings and general knowledge of brown water.

America’s 80 Best Bourbon Bars

Midwest Region

Sanctuaria, St. Louis, MO  – St. Louis’ own “cocktail mecca” features a standard cocktail list 150 drinks deep, and a seasonally rotating menu of exciting new craft cocktails from the regions best mixologist’s.  Sanctuaria carries it’s own exclusive single barrel whiskies, and barrel-aged cocktails!

BBQ Saloon, St. Louis, MO

J.O.B. Public House, Springfield, MO

Big Star, Chicago, Ill:  Big Star uses a unique combination of tacos, $3 Bourbon shots and classic country music to drawl in its standing room only crowds at night.  It also only carries whiskies that are American made.

Sable, Chicago, Ill 

The Barrelhouse Flat, Chicago, Ill

Longman & Eagle, Chicago, Ill

Delilah’s, Chicago, Ill: Chicago has many options to find great Bourbon, but none is more iconic than Delilah’s.  Since 1993, owner Mike Miller has offered a wide variety of Bourbon and music to patrons of this Bourbon Mecca.

Untitled Supper Club, Chicago, Ill

The Office, Chicago, Ill:  Nestled in the downstairs of the popular and James Beard Award winning The Aviary, the office is a quaint speakeasy that carries an impressive variety of new and vintage Bourbons.

Century Bar, Dayton, OH: No TV’s.  No jukebox.  Just 115 Bourbons and over 300 whiskies total to choose from while you listen to music from the 1930’s.  The home of the former Kette & Sons Rye Whiskey Distillery, Century Bar also regularly holds blind tastings.

Butter Run Salon, St. Clair Shores, MI

Butcher And The Boar, Minneapolis, MN

Single Barrel, Lincoln, NE

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