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Hendricks BBQ, St. Charles, MO – EAT BBQ!

Posted on January 15, 2013

From “Dive Bars 2 Five Stars” Blog

Since I moved back to the Midwest, I have started eating a lot of BBQ. The southwest didn’t have much to offer but St. Louis has a ton of great options.  My most recent BBQ joint was Hendrick’s BBQ in St. Charles.

Parking can be a little confusing the first time you go.  However, if you just follow the signs, you won’t have an issue.  You sneak up behind the building and can enter by climbing a flight of stairs or taking an elevator.  I took the elevator.  When the doors open I was greeted by that old familiar smell.  If you weren’t already hungry, you are now.

I love the decor of this place.  Wooden tables with chairs that look like old window shutters.    The paper on the tables reminds you that you are going to eat BBQ and it’s OK to be messy.  Also there is this awesome neon sign by the kitchen:

The menu is intense.  There were too many things that I wanted to try.  I decided to start with 2 appetizers.

First up, deviled eggs.  Deviled eggs are a staple at most of my family gatherings.  These were nice and tangy.

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