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You Must Eat Hendricks BBQ’s Ribs ‘Right Now’

Hendricks BBQ’s ribs were noted by the Riverfront Times as having some of the best ribs in the city. We’ve never had them. How good are they?
By Brian Feldt

April 18, 2013 – 5:50 am

Have you tried Hendricks BBQ’s ribs?

If not, the Riverfront Times says you’re seriously missing.

According to RFT, Hendricks’ ribs are one of 100 dishes “you must eat right now.”

From the RFT:

The ribs are a standout, succulent, yet you still must bite the meat from the bone — and then dig and scrape and suck to get all the morsels left behind. As it should be. Vanderbeck smokes both baby-back (half-rack $14, full $22) ribs and St. Louis-cut spare ribs (half-rack $12, full $20). The spare ribs are smaller but meatier. A mild dry rub gilds the pork’s natural essence. The baby-back ribs have a stronger woodsmoke profile — a mix of apple and hickory, to be precise — and a charred sweetness to the meat.

You don’t need sauce for these ribs, but if you must there are four available. The sweet sauce is thin and unmemorable. The hot is vinegar-sharp, though the actual heat level is moderate. The “House” is a conventional tomato-based sauce that carries a molasses sweetness and a mild tang. The “STL” sauce is my favorite, featuring malt-vinegar astringency and a lingering bite.

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