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ST. PATRICK’S DAY IS HERE,AND WE’RE FEELING LUCKY. YOU SHOULD COME OVER AND GET LUCKY TOO. We’re baking Irish Sodabread Breadbowls from scratch and filling them with the goodness of Ireland:  Corned Beef and Cabbage, with Colcannon! Visit Cafe Ventana

RFT BEST OF ST. LOUIS 2011 FOOD & DRINK BEST COFFEEHOUSE Café Ventana Since the dawn of time, a successful coffeehouse has required two things: the ability to manage the pre-office morning rush, and beaucoup electrical outlets for layabouts to keep their laptops humming while they

BEST OF ST. LOUIS 2009 FOOD & DRINK BEST COFFEEHOUSE Café Ventana A coffeehouse should percolate more than just good coffee: Creativity, community and peace of mind are also essential ingredients in a winning brew. Café Ventana succeeds thanks to a beautiful space that feels